Libra Season Lessons: Self Care & Understanding

By Sara Donnellan / September 24, 2020

Why Should You Care About Libra Season if You’re Not a Libra?

As an astrology junkie, I’m thrilled to be living in a time when almost everyone knows their sun sign and even a few traits associated with it. It’s no longer unheard of for a straight guy to proudly declare, “I’m a Cancer. That means I’m sensitive, right?” (Yes.) 


Still, most people are not familiar with signs other than their own. The most commonly regurgitated astrological “knowledge” is still pithy one-liners, such as “Leos are narcissists”. While these generalizations do have a kernel of truth to them (sorry, Leos!), they are overly simplistic. It’s true that all signs have their flaws and struggles, but I’m a firm believer that there is something to be learned from every sign.


Within one calendar year, there are 12 astrological “seasons”, each associated with a different sign and each bringing new lessons and challenges. Just as seasonal activities such as apple picking and barbeques bring variety to our lives, tuning into the astrological seasons can spark personal growth and reflection. 


This month (September 23rd – October 22nd, to be exact), we are celebrating Libras. A cardinal air sign. A sign with taste, tact, and intellect. There is so much to learn from this stylish, diplomatic sign. So whether you’re a Libra, you have a Libra friend, or you’d never heard of Libras until today, here are some lessons and self-care tips we could all learn from this season.


Life Lessons We Could All Learn From Libras

#1: Lean Into Aromatherapy

Libras are big on ambiance. They love to entertain and enjoy setting the mood for any occasion using lighting, music, and scents. They understand that how a room looks and smells can dramatically alter your experience within it.


 If you’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately (like most of us!), try introducing some new scents into your space. You can use scented candles, incense, or an essential oil diffuser. You might be surprised at the immediate effect it has on your mood. 


#2: Let the Little Things Go

Libras make excellent friends for many reasons, one of them being that they don’t hold grudges. They’re adept at smoothing over conflict and want to find a resolution more than they want to be right. 


Equally important to knowing when it’s time to walk away from a relationship is knowing when to let the little things go. After all, no human is perfect. If you didn’t have any flawed friends you’d have…well, no friends!


#3: Establish a Peaceful Bedtime Routine

If you have a tendency to overthink things, you have something in common with Libras. As a sign that sees the validity of all perspectives, their minds are constantly swimming with the pros and cons of any given action they might take. As a result, they’ve learned the importance of calming their minds before bedtime. 


If you don’t already have a bedtime routine that helps you unwind, now is a great time to establish one. Try putting all screens away (laptop, phone, etc.) in the half-hour or fifteen minutes before you go to bed. Take that time to read, meditate, or journal instead. If you’re still having trouble unwinding, give one of Homestead Hemp’s CBD pre-rolls a try. Their Suver Haze strain is particularly calming. 


#4: Get Your Flirt On

Libras have a reputation for being flirty. This is because they are interested in absolutely everyone they meet. Libras understand that if someone comes across as boring, they simply haven’t been asked the right question yet.


If you’ve been feeling romantically stuck lately, try approaching dating apps or the cute person in your building with a little more lightheartedness. It doesn’t have to be a soulmate connection, you might just find a person you really enjoy talking to. 


#5: Indulge in a Little Retail Therapy

Being ruled by Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, makes Libras gravitate toward the finer things in life. Even if they aren’t fashionistas, you’ll notice they have no qualms spending a little extra on well-made items, such as a nice pair of shoes or jacket. Libras don’t indulge to fill a void. They indulge to remind themselves and those around them that life should be fun and we all deserve to feel good. 


If there’s something pricey you’ve been eyeing for a while now, allow yourself that splurge. While retail therapy can’t solve all your problems, it can make your day. Where’s the harm in that?!


#6: Practice Tolerance

Social media has made it easier than ever to dislike people we barely know. Libras intuitively understand that you don’t have to agree with a person on everything to be compassionate towards them.


The next time you find yourself particularly bothered by another person’s life choices, pause and consider if it’s actually affecting you. Is the person hurting anyone with their actions? If not, let it go. You don’t have to stand with someone on everything, but you might not have to take a stand against them either. 


#7: Listen!

Listening comes easy to Libras because they know that every person has something interesting to say. Although they aren’t shy, they also don’t need to be the center of attention.


Being a better listener obviously makes you a better friend, but it also opens you up to new ideas and perspectives which can only serve to enrich your life. That’s why Libras are so smart! 


If you have a friend or acquaintance who tends to listen more than share, try getting them to open up a bit more about their interests. Who knows, you might learn something fascinating. 

Things a Libra Would Never Do (That you Shouldn’t Either)

  1. Be rude to a server or forget to leave a tip
  2. Cut someone off in traffic
  3. Go to a party and only talk to the people they came with 

Best Colors for Libra Season

  1. Black
  2. Burgundy
  3. Mustard yellow


Best Foods for Libra Season

  1. Butternut squash soup
  2. Eggplant parmesan
  3. Pumpkin spiced cookies 


Best Activities for Libra Season

  1. Reading in bed 
  2. Asking someone “so what do you think about____?” instead of “so what do you do for work?”
  3. Registering to vote 


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